Three Reasons To Integrate Multimedia Into Your PR Campaign

The Internet has completely changed how audiences consume content. We can see that visual content is a driving factor behind engagement and it has created a shift in how brands secure media coverage. This blog post shares the top three reasons to integrate multimedia into your PR campaign.

#1 Audiences Consume Multimedia Content

Research conducted by educational psychologist Jerome Bruner has found that the brain processes visuals quicker and more effectively than text. Specifically, 80% of people remember what they see versus the 30% of people that remember what they read. Multimedia content can trigger emotion, increase content comprehension, and even produce long-term memories for target audiences. Because of these factors, consumers are gravitating toward multimedia content and communications professionals should continue to produce this type of content.

#2 The Media Needs Visual Content

The increase in consumption of multimedia is now a driving factor for journalists. Cision’s 2017 State of the Media Report identified that 71% of journalists “always or often” use multimedia when working on a story. It is safe to say that multimedia is an essential component to modern-day journalism.

Often, today’s reporters are tasked with creating multimedia materials without the support of a staff photographer or video editor. It is a welcome sight when communications professionals can provide valuable multimedia content to help a reporter tell his or her story.

#3 Visual Content Drives Performance

Of the 100 most viewed PR Newswire press releases, 68% of them contained a multimedia component (61% included images and 7% included video) that helped drive views and media coverage. PR Newswire also found that press releases with images delivered 1.4 times more views than text-only press releases and that press releases with video delivered 2.8 times more views than text-only press releases.

At Martino Flynn, we partner with our clients to develop and execute strategic multimedia PR campaigns. From digital media kits with photo and video files to modern MAT releases, our PR team becomes a true media liaison to help tell your brand story. For more information on Martino Flynn’s PR and multimedia content services, visit

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