Measuring Social Media

As an avid social media user working in the digital field, I often think about how to leverage the vast amount of data being tweeted, posted, and uploaded every day. While the days of, Friendster, and MiGente are obsolete, today’s social media platforms are exploding with content. Many marketers question how to measure presence on social media and the value it provides to their brands. Is it enough to get your customers to “like” your brand, re-tweet, or upload a video on YouTube? How should you quantify social sentiments, text, and links to gain meaningful insight from customers? Figuring out which platforms provide the best, most relevant information proves to be just as challenging.

While there are many companies out there that can help measure social media, Gnip is the largest provider with the most reliable data. It currently offers access to social data from about 40 sources, including Twitter and WordPress. Gnip’s partnership with Tumblr provides marketers with more data, and a more accessible way of tracking consumer conversations in real time. It will also help to segregate conversations and information by trendsetter types, giving marketers more relevant information to gauge product reach, success, and development. The more aggregated data that companies like Gnip can offer, the more effectively marketers can target successfully.

For example, differentiating between social sharing on Tumblr, a much younger demographic of 18-24-year-old hipsters, and sharing on Pinterest, a middle-aged, women-focused site, can be the difference in reliable, relevant insights. As people are spending more time interacting with social media, it becomes ever more important to understand which platforms support your target.

For marketers out there struggling to gauge their social media presence, Gnip sells this data for building social media monitoring. As more companies build monitoring systems, it will be increasingly more effective to measure the effects of social media. With about 1 billion activities a day, Gnip’s data source provides a huge opportunity for marketers to target consumers based on social media behavior. The development of social media monitoring systems will help marketers to really focus on the strengths of their brands/products, learn how to engage their customers, and target their desired communities.

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  1. Hi Sydney! Thanks so much for the blog post. To clarify, we didn’t acquire Tumblr. We partnered with Tumblr to make their social data more accessible.

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