Holiday Season

The Most Wonderful (and Lucrative) Time of the Year!

From a brand’s perspective, strategically allocating one’s budget around the holiday season is becoming increasingly important. In fact, the National Retail Federation forecasts that retail sales will be up 3.7% this year, totaling a whopping $630.7 billion in November and December alone.[i] And rightfully so; year after year, brands yield holiday themed product packaging, commercials, print ads, and more in response to this economic trend.

So, how far in advance should a brand begin planning for the holiday season in order to successfully capitalize on this habitual behavior?

Martino Flynn worked closely with AAA as early as April of this year to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Our account and media departments worked together to secure the front covers of SmartSource and RedPlum for an FSI. The advertisement, offering $15 off a new gift membership, is scheduled to run two times in December and was strategically created to capture the attention of holiday shoppers. So, plan early and plan often­­­—even if it means 7-8 months prior to the holiday season—as it will likely be well worth it for prime time placement and exposure.

In regard to long-lead holiday media pitching, some brands are prepared to pitch to publications and media outlets as early as July. This year, I had the pleasure of representing one of Martino Flynn’s clients (The Mentholatum Company) at New Product Events: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Media Event in New York City. This event provides brands with the opportunity to showcase their new products to top media outlets such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and People magazine, among many others. Events like this have proven to serve as a beneficial channel for both brands and the media. Brands have the opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest product offerings while the representatives from the media outlets are able to accrue a variety of editorial suggestions specifically for the holiday season.

It’s evident that brands will continue to plan their product launches and allocate their marketing budgets around the most wonderful (and most lucrative) time of the year. And as a marketer, it’s not only interesting to observe how brands adapt to these trends year after year, but it’s also crucial to gain this knowledge in an effort to survive and even prosper in the retail space.

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