The Many Fulfilling “Pros” Of Pro-Bono Projects

Whether angry over a cheap dress that didn’t wash well or regretting the late-night street meat that they ate, most people have heard or used the idiom, “You get what you pay for.” However, this doesn’t have to ring true for nonprofits looking for quality marketing strategy and creative with small or non-existent budgets.

Employees at Martino Flynn and most advertising agencies look forward to the rewarding challenges of working on pro bono projects. It’s no secret that those of us who chose a career in advertising are typically passionate by nature. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are incredibly energetic about our community and the causes near and dear to us. Whether it’s increasing attendance at a breast cancer gala or helping with creative for a large capital campaign, we are sure to give it our all. Here are a few reasons why, for us, pro-bono projects are worth more than just giving away free work to check off a box.

Giving back: In an industry known for long hours, many of us have little time outside of work and our families to volunteer in the community. Taking on pro-bono projects in the office allows us to use our skills to benefit important causes without taking hours away from our already time-strapped lives. Sometimes, we even happily skip into the office on a Saturday or Sunday to work on pro-bono projects that we couldn’t fit into the workweek.

Challenging goals: Although pro-bono creative projects tend to grab the heart strings and win awards, they also often have big goals to achieve. From increasing cancer screenings to decreasing high school dropout rates, our nonprofit partners need more than just good-looking creative; they need great creative that’s also effective.

Challenging budgets: Nonprofit project budgets are usually incredibly small or non-existent, leading to the need for creative workarounds such as donated media, gorilla marketing tactics, and out-of-the-box PR. These brainstorming sessions challenge us to think creatively, leading to new budget-saving ideas for our for-profit clients.

For these and other more personal reasons, Martino Flynn employees give our pro-bono clients way “more than what they pay for.” And we always get way more back than we put in.

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