Meet MF: Zack Manuel

A new blog series from Martino Flynn which offers an “inside view” into the lives of the smart and talented individuals that drive Martino Flynn’s success every day. Each month, we  shine the spotlight on a new MF colleague. Enjoy!

My name is Zack Manuel, and I recently joined the team at Martino Flynn as a Marketing Insights Manager in the newly formed Data Science and Research practice. Prior to MF, I received my degree in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University, and immediately began my career as a government intelligence contractor for the Department of Homeland Security in Carson City, Nevada. As my contract wound down, I opted to move back to the east coast and open a small team sales and apparel company with a college teammate, leveraging all of the relationships we had built with athletes, coaches, and companies over the years. Prior to being acquired, our primary clientele was college athletic teams and small-to-midsized organizations across the country.

With the majority of my family relocating to Rochester from Elmira, New York (where I grew up), and a desire to get back into the world of research, data and analytics, I moved to the area and reconvened my work in this vertical for several industries, including PR/Marketing, Commercial Real Estate, and Higher Education. Because the data and metrics were so different across these broad industries, I was forced to adapt, picking up and mastering new and different skill sets, measurement tools, capabilities, and technology, all of which play crucial parts in my role as Marketing Insights Manager at Martino Flynn. The constantly evolving world of data, especially with regard to how we can best measure or use this data to uncover insights and help drive our client’s business decisions and strategies, are what keep me constantly engaged and passionate about my work. Data can be visualized and ingested in so many different ways using just as many lenses, and my goal is to make sure that our clients can receive, view, and understand their most up-to-date and critical data whenever the need arises.

After my first week at Martino Flynn, it was evident that this place was different from any other organization I had worked for before. The first differentiator was the work environment. Each of my colleagues wanted to get to know and understand me on a personal level – my likes, dislikes, personality, etc. Once a personal relationship was established, then it was time to get to work! At Martino Flynn, employees are not just cogs in a corporate wheel. It is a personal atmosphere, where people aren’t just consumed with producing great work, but also actually care about your life outside of work. Martino Flynn is truly a team, which makes getting up every morning and going to work enjoyable. The teamwork demonstrated by everybody across different focus areas and departments is extraordinary.

Outside the office, I have always loved competition. I played defense on my college lacrosse team, but now opt for playing sports with a little less contact! I am an avid golfer, and also enjoy playing basketball and platform tennis. If I’m not on the course or a court, you can usually find me with my wife, Lindsey, and dog, Duke, relaxing at our home in Fairport – or running around with (chasing) our two nephews, who are 3 and 5. In the future, my wife and I would like to plan a “heritage” trip to Ireland, Germany, and Italy to investigate some of the towns and villages that our ancestors immigrated to the U.S. from. I am a diehard fan of the Boston Celtics and Kentucky Wildcats, and as a kid growing up in the Michael Jordan era of the NBA, I have a nostalgic connection to vintage Jordan basketball sneakers, which I collect (and definitely consider my guilty pleasure!). If I could go back in time and give myself one bit of professional advice, it would definitely be to just relax. Pressure is a positive thing to a certain degree, but applying too much pressure on oneself can be counterintuitive. So, I’d tell myself to just relax, work hard, and everything will take care of itself.

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