Part Two – How to Be Successful in Social Media: Remember Your Goals

 Like we mentioned in Part 1, Social media marketing will require you to leave your comfort zone and become more transparent and malleable with your content.  You must do this while being strategic and setting marketing goals.

This challenge, to be both proactive as well as reactive, and to set goals while being responsive to the constant changing landscape of social media, is why success in social media is a challenge.

 Social media can reach someone at any point during the buyer’s journey. So, have a goal. Don’t post on social media for the sake of being there. There should be a good mix of content for nurturing, engaging, and informing your audience.

Create unique content for each goal. Nurturing content should be very different from engaging content, etc. And consistency is incredibly important. You should be posting on a regular, predictable basis.

Your content will be affected by current events and breaking stories.  To maintain relevance and stand out amongst your competitors, you must have the flexibility to create new instant content in addition to anything preplanned and scheduled.

Use different tactics & goals for paid social vs. daily content.  Paid ads should drive traffic to your brand and raise awareness. Daily content will nurture and grow your relationship with your existing audience and convert them into brand advocates.

And of course, regardless of your goal or the type of content you’re sharing, your messaging should be on brand. It is important to create a social media brand guide that will determine everything from image sizes, ad design, tone, and guidelines for community issues and negative comments.  If you are targeting distinct audiences on different platforms (moms on Pinterest, millennials on Instagram, etc.) you should create a unique brand guide for each platform.

Other Tips

  • When it comes to the most popular content, video is still king. Messaging should be engaging and short no matter what format you use to present it.
  • Don’t have much money to spend? Consistency & content will grow an organic audience without costing you a cent. Keep to a posting schedule and always be on the lookout for fresh video, photo, and blog ideas. If you are completely new to social, you can use any existing contact list your company already has, such as an email list, to begin building your audience. These lists can be uploaded directly into Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms.
  • Follow your competitors and take note, but don’t copy them. Brainstorm new unique content ideas instead. It is your content and not your budget that will help your social media campaigns stand out from the rest.
  • Be patient. New social media channels take a few months to build momentum and show results. Launch your social campaigns early and monitor for 60 days or so to build your audience before optimizing or targeting specific audiences.

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