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Sydney is the digital media coordinator at Martino Flynn, supporting media buyers, trafficking, response tracking, and PPC/SEO. She also pulls really awesome reports!

Five reasons why many brands undervalue paid social media

I recently went through and purged my Facebook page. I looked through friends that I no longer actively follow (or care to follow), updated some of my interests, and went through my list of companies and brands that I have “liked.” Through this process, I realized there were brands that I never even remembered liking—I decided it was time to call out all those brands that ineffectively utilize social media. These culprits aid in a lot of misconceptions and set bad examples for future brands looking to market through social media. When clients talk to us about “doing Facebook,” they often don’t understand or value the true depth of possibilities that a paid social media campaign can offer. I’ve put together a list of some common undervalued benefits or aspects of “The Power of Like” through Facebook: Continue reading Five reasons why many brands undervalue paid social media

Is Mobile Rite 4 Ur Co?

Since 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone, mobile advertising has grown exponentially. With almost half of all Americans owning a smartphone (49.7%), advertisers are scrambling to find the best way to utilize the available platforms for their brands.

It is important to understand how your consumers use mobile devices both in their personal lives and as well as in relation to your company. Are they searching where your store or office is located? Are they looking for coupons? Did they see a different ad and decide to check out your website? Are they looking up your phone number? Are they looking for product reviews? Or are they simply trying to learn more about what you do? The answer to each of these questions would lead to the development and application of very different mobile campaigns and tactics. Listed below are some of the favorite activities and preferences of smartphone users. Continue reading Is Mobile Rite 4 Ur Co?

Measuring Social Media

As an avid social media user working in the digital field, I often think about how to leverage the vast amount of data being tweeted, posted, and uploaded every day. While the days of, Friendster, and MiGente are obsolete, today’s social media platforms are exploding with content. Many marketers question how to measure presence on social media and the value it provides to their brands. Is it enough to get your customers to “like” your brand, re-tweet, or upload a video on YouTube? How should you quantify social sentiments, text, and links to gain meaningful insight from customers? Figuring out which platforms provide the best, most relevant information proves to be just as challenging. Continue reading Measuring Social Media

Music to My Ears: A New Avenue for Digital Marketing

From musician endorsements, to commercial jingles, to lyrical brand references, music has played a huge role in marketing brands. Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” commercial featuring Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” is the perfect example of how music can aid a brand in getting its message across and instilling sentiment in its customers.

Today, music is aiding digital marketing in a variety of new ways. Continue reading Music to My Ears: A New Avenue for Digital Marketing