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How customer personas help you speak your audience’s language

Today, consumers are incessantly bombarded with messages—which has made them incredibly adept at quickly ascertaining whether any particular one is of interest. This means that the penalty for less-than-relevant, poorly targeted marketing messages is swift and severe: the dreaded scroll-past, swipe-left, or click-away. Your product, service, or brand is dead to them.

So it’s more important than ever to know what makes your audience tick—and click. But in the information age, it’s a real challenge to divide your audience into neat, well-defined groups that accurately reflect their many facets and help you communicate with them in relevant ways.

Sub-groups within groups are the norm, not the exception. Why, there isn’t even one Baby Boomer any more—there are three distinct groupings, and the shades of gray (see what we did there?) are significant. So what’s a marketer to do?

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Email Communications: Just What The Doctor Ordered

When your target audience is medical professionals, it’s easy to assume the status quo still holds true. After all, this is a traditionally conservative and literal audience.

When it comes to how they want to be communicated with, though, times are a-changin’.

A recent survey of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners by HealthLink Dimensions, for example, revealed that email is the preferred form of contact—with 75% of NPs and PAs and 66% of MDs citing it as the way they want to be contacted regarding industry news and product updates. When it comes to viewing emails, they’re split almost 50/50 using desktop computers or mobile devices.

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Creating Engaging Video For Medical Device Audience

Across numerous industries, our clients have desired more content—including video—to engage with customers. The medical device industry is no different. According to Google Think, approximately 1 in 8 patients uses online video to research hospitals, health insurance, and health information, and more than 66% of physicians use online videos to stay abreast of the latest clinical information.

With complex subject matter and an audience that is very literal, it can be challenging to keep content fresh and engaging—which is why many of our medical device manufacturing clients are utilizing video to create “snackable” content in the form of product demonstrations, tutorials, and product testimonials that utilize key opinion leaders, as well as simulating procedures in an operating room with real doctors.

More engaging than brochures or other printed materials, video can be used to educate patients on medical procedures and self-care. It also enables patients to ask questions and get better, more personalized advice from doctors.

For doctors and practitioners, video currently represents the most expedient, engaging way to access information and training whenever and wherever they want or need it. The accessibility of video means that training content can be updated easily, relatively affordably, and as often as needed.

At Martino Flynn, we have the unique capability to develop both animated videos and live action videos in-house. We have two high-definition edit suites and a talented digital team capable of creating 3D models, animations, and motion graphics. To strengthen our integrated marketing initiatives, we are strategically creating video content to cut through the clutter within the medical device and healthcare industry.

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