First Post: Crossing the Chasm

Day one of a blog doesn’t mean much but you have to start somewhere. In my own experience blogging really doesn’t gain momentum until you reach a certain volume of quality posts. Here at Martino Flynn we’ve got sixty plus creative voices, all of whom are invited to blog at will. As an ad agency we’re working our way across the chasm created between by the web and watching as technology gets closer and closer to creative.

In an ideal world technology would be invisible- it would simply work behind the scenes making life better and easier. Unfortunately technology has been historically created by technologists (engineers, scientists, programmers) which has meant that the average person’s experience with technology is overly complex. It has been the same thing in the advertising and marketing world: Digital media was associated with technology and digital agencies handled it. Traditional agencies were associated with creative (design and writing, branding and awareness). This set up a disconnect as a client had technologists building their online presence and creatives doing everything offline. The result was the continuation of technology being separated from creativity. That had to change and it has.

Here at Martino Flynn we’re working to use technology behind the scenes to change the way we work and change the way our clients connect with their customers. We don’t see any divide between offline and online marketing, in fact it’s clear that they have to complement each other. After all, don’t we all check out the web site of any interesting company we hear about? Shouldn’t that web site, the search that helped us find it, the way we heard about it and the way we utilize it all work together?
That’s the question we’re asking across the agency these days.

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