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Using Research-Driven Insights to Launch a Successful Digital Campaign

Everyone knows that moms today are expected to have it all and do it all.

And as they juggle their careers, kids, spouses, and households, their own needs often sit on the back burner. Our research from Mintel tells us that moms like to be reminded that they are not alone in their parenting journeys and that they appreciate brands that truly understand the hectic demands on their lives.

In general, moms frequently put others’ needs ahead of their own, namely their children, and are less likely to be purchasing products for themselves. And with cough and cold season upon us, we know that many moms are looking for products that will help them care for their kids, while making their own lives easier. When kids are sick, busy moms need every hand they can get.

Vapor rubs can help relieve and soothe coughs, but 63% of moms cited mess/greasiness as the #1 reason why they don’t use them. With this information in mind, The Mentholatum Company tested a wide variety of forms of vapor rub and introduced “No Mess Vaporizing Rub” to retail shelves in September. Martino Flynn then created the concepts and assets for the digital campaign, which launched October 3.

Martino Flynn’s digital campaign included two 15-second videos, one 30-second video, animated banner ads, and the launch of a Facebook page; each tactic honed in on the message of “Giving moms a hand this cough and cold season.”


The digital campaign highlights the benefits of the innovative No Mess Vaporizing Rub product, including the 100% natural active ingredients, and the maximum strength cough relief provided in a roll-on applicator that’s convenient and easy to use. Thousands of moms have already reacted positively on Facebook and provided comments such as: “Yes, I’m willing to pay the extra dollar to get the roll-on version” and “Where has this been all my life??!! No more sticky, gooey fingers!”

Within the first week of launch, the digital campaign saw:

  • A 91% increase in Facebook fans
  • 73,393 viral impressions
  • 7k video videos
  • 2,216 engagements

And, best of all, as compared to last year at this time, The Mentholatum Company saw a 174% increase in traffic to the “Where To Buy” page on its website.

If you’re interested in building an integrated digital campaign based on research and consumer insights, reach out to Skylar Jameson at And if you’re a mom, don’t forget to give yourself a hand and stock up on No Mess Vaporizing Rub this cough and cold season.




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