Transforming a Niche Player into a Market Leader

In the highly competitive contact lens market, CooperVision was enjoying incredible success as a niche player. However, as its product portfolio grew, it became apparent that a broader position was warranted.

CooperVision Tradeshow Panels

A New Brand Position: “See Beyond the Ordinary”

Clearly positioned CooperVision as providing value-added products. It was supported with a single brand benefit statement: “Let your patients see the value of your practice” that tied all of the diverse product and service offerings together.

CooperVision Spread Ad

We sharpened the messaging, reinvigorated the sales tools, and brought newly defined clarity to the trade communications. Establishing CooperVision lenses as the best choice for patient ocular acuity and health, and for the eye care practitioner’s growing practice.

As part of its commitment to the success of its eye care practitioner partners, we helped CooperVision create an Online Learning Center.

33% Increased Market Share

Of course, hindsight is always 20/20. But CooperVision became the world’s fastest-growing contact lens manufacturer (moved from the fourth- to the second-largest manufacturer within three years) and increased its market share by 33% in two years.

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