Using “Longer” to Go Further

We took a sleepy, unpromoted cough syrup brand and repositioned it as the only 12-hour liquid cough medicine for children—and in the process, made Delsym for Children the #1-selling pediatric cough syrup.

WE CAPITALIZED ON THE unique, patented 12-hour duration.

Delsym suffered from a lack of awareness and a small budget in a highly splintered category with several established brands. However, it did have a unique, patented 12-hour duration, which we capitalized on by creating a new, “Nothing lasts longer” positioning.

By repackaging and launching original Delsym as a children’s product, we gained additional distribution through secondary locations in the children’s section of food and drug channels.

The “longer” positioning proved to be just what the brand needed to get healthier. In just three years, the brand tripled from $15M in sales to $45M.

Delsym for Children overtook Robitussin® as the #1 brand in pediatric cough syrup dollar sales.

Pharmacists and pediatricians also embraced the new product and Delsym for Children became the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians.

just what the brand needed to get healthier.

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