Dick's Sporting Goods

Positioning a sporting goods retailer for future growth.

Back in 2001, with its stores quickly growing in both number and size, Dick's Sporting Goods realized that its existing tagline didn't accurately reflect all that those new stores had to offer. Martino Flynn developed a brand positioning that could encompass all that its new stores had to offer—basically everything for every athlete, regardless of the sport or time of year. The result?

Every Season Starts at Dick's.

It's a phrase that continued to resonate year round, driving athletes to begin their season—both today's and those to come—with a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods. As the years went on, "Every Season Starts At Dick's" continued to be the perfect foundation for all of Dick's Sporting Goods' marketing initiatives, including campaigns for its vital back-to-school selling season.


Since "Every Season Starts At Dick's" debut, they've added hundreds of stores and billions in sales. But every one of its commercials, ads, and inserts still features those same five words.

It's just one chapter in a decades-long relationship between Dick's and Martino Flynn that continues to this day—one that's generated literally hundreds of commercials and other work, from seasonal promotions, to grand openings, to private label launches and much more.

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