Dick's Sporting Goods Competitive

Helping customers choose between two retail competitors.

After opening stores across the Houston area, Dick’s Sporting Goods had a large presence throughout Texas. They also faced a large, long-established competitor—a competitor headquartered in Houston. Dick’s needed a way to clearly demonstrate their competitive advantages, including better breadth and depth of brands and styles, competitive prices, and a superior in-store experience. Plus, given the “hometown” nature of the competition, tone was key: Dick's didn’t want to be viewed as arrogant or mean-spirited.

Going head-to-head. Side-by-side.

To directly compare and contrast the two retailers, Martino Flynn created a conversation between two sales associates from Dick’s and “Acme Sporting Goods” and had them talk to each other in a side-by-side split screen about what their stores had (or didn’t have) to offer—all in a series of spots focused on a specific brand or style available only at Dick’s.

Reaching un grupo importante.

The Houston market is home to a large Hispanic population, many of which speak Spanish as their first language. We knew that they'd make a stronger emotional connection with the Dick's brand if we communicated with them in their native tongue—which is why we produced each spot in the campaign in both English and Spanish.

Updating at the speed of retail.

Retail is never a static environment. As the business climate and competitive conditions changed, the campaign evolved as well. That included quickly developing spots with more price- and savings-oriented messaging.

Buoyed by early success, Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to grow its Texas market share and add stores across the Houston area. And Martino Flynn will continue to monitor Dick’s sales, market share, and the competition—and be ready to quickly adapt the campaign as needed.

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