High Falls Brewing Co.

Top-Shelf Ideas

Retailers and distributors saw Dundee as a lower-shelf brand. Some top-shelf ideas helped open their eyes to Dundee’s potential.

Our thorough analysis made it clear that a one-off advertising and promotion campaign wasn’t going to get Dundee off the ground. So we executed a brand makeover from top to bottom.

To build stronger brand identity and awareness of Dundee’s six product styles, we targeted craft beer drinkers and inspired them to “Be Yourself” and choose the style that fit their mood, mindset, or meal.

Created Industry Buzz

The launch generated trade and consumer media buzz in Brandweek, Beer Advocate, and on several industry websites.

Improved Retail Placement

More importantly, Dundee secured higher shelf placements at retail next to leading craft beers — along with expanded shelf facings and bar placements.

Increased Sales

Dundee Craft Pack sales increased 45% from the previous year to become number two in the craft beer sampler category.

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