Golf Galaxy

Driving Sales with Creative Co-Branding

When the hot new products your customers want are also sold by your competitors—and at the same manufacturer-mandated prices—it can be difficult to make a compelling case for why they should buy from you.

Golf Galaxy Storefront

Just putting Golf Galaxy’s logo on manufacturers’ advertising would be easy. Our ideas go further.

We make sure we differentiate Golf Galaxy while also meeting manufacturers’ expectations. Sometimes, that’s by marrying the endorsement of new technology by manufacturer-sponsored PGA Tour pros with the expertise of Golf Galaxy’s Certified Fitters — then showing the difference that can make in games for regular golfers.

We also make sure Golf Galaxy is top of mind when new products launch by partnering with brands like Nike to create online campaigns that break through—sometimes literally.

Instead of just telling golfers how much more distance a new driver would give them off the tee, we worked with TaylorMade to let them experience it in a Golf Galaxy store—then captured the results so other golfers could get the message.

And when the latest and greatest irons are available everywhere, we know that making it as easy as possible for potential buyers to learn about them and find the nearest store where they can buy them gives Golf Galaxy an edge.

Golf Galaxy Banners

Whenever and whatever golfers are thinking about buying, we make sure Golf Galaxy is always top of mind.

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