Delivering a Message That Really Delivered

On the battlefield, a “dropped call” isn’t just frustrating—it could be fatal. That’s why the engineers at Harris dedicate themselves to communications that military forces can count on. With a message this critical, our marketing plan had to be just as reliable.

To target purchasing decision makers and influencers, we created the theme “Delivering the Network” and dramatically showcased how Harris contributes to mission success.

To get every detail just right, we meticulously created realistic battlefield scenarios.

So realistic, in fact, that the Department of Defense questioned how we had photographed an active military operation (we hadn’t—this one was a set we created in a Harris conference room).


And we did what any integrated marketing campaign should do: we drove home our theme and our message consistently. In print ads, digital banner ads, interstitial pages, landing pages, email blasts, trade show graphics, and more.

We even provided an internal messaging guide that substantiated the theme’s promise and helped the team deliver.

We delivered results, too.

Elevated Response Rates

The print ads not only got viewed by thousands of people in the target market, 34% of readers took action as a result.

Increased Website Traffic

The comprehensive and integrated effort drove a 32% increase in website traffic, with more unique page views and more time spent on the site.

Enhanced Sales

Most notably, within 5 months of the campaign launch, the effort contributed to more than $104 million in orders.

In an industry where sales cycles can take years, the impact of this campaign went far beyond such metrics. Like to the trade show floor, where a U.S. Army general brandished one of our ads saying, “Now this is what we need!” And to a major program-of-record win for Harris—the government’s version of preferred provider status.

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