How we helped seniors navigate the process of understanding and buying Medicare Supplement insurance.

Anyone who’s had to find supplemental insurance for Medicare knows how complicated it can be to sort through the sea of choices and select the right plan. But most people don’t know that expert help is available to them at

The site is designed to help people compare supplemental policies from an array of leading providers. It answers common questions, explains the impact of government reforms and requirements in consumer-friendly terms, and gives them the chance to speak with knowledgeable, licensed insurance agents.

How could reach older adults with the help they desperately need?

Our clients knew that if they could just get the word out to the right people, they could provide superior service and guidance to help people find the right plan at an affordable cost and identify potential savings on prescriptions. They asked us for help in augmenting their robust online search campaign to expand their audience.

We used our deep DRTV expertise to reach prospects in earlier stages of the sales cycle to help set apart.

We created a direct-response television pilot program designed to show that could cost-effectively reach new audiences with an offer: a free booklet that explained their options and reinforced the website’s ability to pair the right person with the right plan.

First, we built a “waterfall” that mapped our media spending to a set of allowable costs (per-call, per-lead, per-new-policy, etc.). Then we used our expertise in DRTV—and in older adult demos, viewing habits, and responses—to efficiently create a spot that introduced the website to qualified audiences and clearly communicated its ability to help eligible prospects make smart choices.

Clearly, our work helped this client make an impression.

The DRTV campaign delivered targeted audience impressions at half the CPI (cost per inquiry) of a standard local-market TV buy. And since DRTV campaigns have been proven to produce a lift in website traffic of up to 35%, our clients received a lot of bang for their media buck.

50 percent lower cost per impression
35 percent lift in web traffic

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