Mentholatum No Mess

Using Research-Driven Insights to Better Connect with Moms

Marketers face a host of unique challenges when targeting today’s moms: the high cost of raising a child and slow wage growth leading to smaller families; the decreasing value given to traditional media sources; the challenge of “self-care;” and moms’ lack of confidence in their own social lives and being perceived as having it “all together.”

When The Mentholatum Company decided to launch its No-Mess Vaporizing Rub, the longtime client turned to Martino Flynn. This innovative roll-on product was designed to target moms ages 24-45 with younger children who are currently purchasing and using vaporizing rubs to help relieve their families’ cough and cold symptoms.

Working closely with Mentholatum, we conducted primary research in the form of focus groups to learn more about the challenges moms face when using vaporizing rub.

63% of moms cite mess & greasiness as the #1 reason why they don’t use vapor rubs

63 percent of moms

With the insights provided during the focus groups, as well as our extensive expertise in marketing to moms, the MF team developed a strategic road map to drive messaging and concepting for a digital campaign designed to create a connection between Mentholatum and moms by showing that we understand the challenges they face.

Forging a connection with moms requires an understanding of the challenges they face.


Backed by an arsenal of creative assets that included two 15-second videos, one 30-second video, and animated banner ads, the digital campaign successfully launched in tandem with traditional public relations, social media, and blogger/influencer tactics.


Judging by the 463,234 viral impressions it generated, the campaign’s “giving moms a hand” key messaging resonated with the target audience. Hundreds of thousands of moms engaged with the campaign, many of whom provided candid social media comments giving No Mess Vaporizing Rub their stamp of approval.

“No more sticky, gooey fingers.”

“Yes, I’m willing to pay the extra dollar to get the roll-on version.”

“Where has this been all my life??!!”

The results?

The Mentholatum Company experienced a 174% increase in traffic to the “Where To Buy” page on its website throughout the digital campaign.


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