Doing More with Direct Response

Life insurance is no longer the easy sell it once was. Cultural shifts and financial constraints have combined to make life insurance less attainable for the average family. MetLife’s goal is to make coverage more accessible, regardless of health or wealth status.

Metlife offers peace of mind today by helping people provide for their loved ones in the future.

A policy from metlife means you put the people you care about first. It’s not about the check they’ll get; it’s the food, clothing, and other essentials they’ll get with it. It’s all the ways today is better because tomorrow has been preserved.


We wanted to create a direct-response TV campaign that went beyond traditional best practices to do more. By bringing “everyday heroes” to life in the spots, we believed we could more effectively motivate consumers to purchase.

Consumers saw themselves in the work. Heard conversations they’d had before. Recognized shared experiences. Spotted an opportunity. And they responded.

As a result, people who had fallen off the radar of many insurance companies now had hope and a viable option for life insurance—up to $20,000 in coverage to help ease the burden of final expenses on their loved ones. It was an emphatic victory for the campaign, and, we might argue, for resisting the urge to do things the way they had always been done before.

50% reduced cost per call
40% reduced cost per lead

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