MVP Health Care

Adding Glitter to the Gold

As a nationally recognized health care organization, it’s safe to say that MVP knows what it’s doing when it comes to health insurance. But that didn’t diminish its trepidation when the time came to launch its new, low-cost Medicare health plan, MVP Gold, in an already heavily saturated market.

To help MVP Gold shine, the first step was to find out what older adults valued most.

Our focus groups revealed that older adults want the flexibility to go where they want, when they want – but to feel safe while they’re doing it. In other words, they want a health plan that gives them out-of-area coverage and 24/7 access to a live representative.

The next step? Bringing that carefree lifestyle to life.

Our MVP Gold television spots portrayed older adults in unexpected ways – positioning MVP Gold as the plan that provides an unexpected level of personal service.

Consumers recognized that MVP Gold supported the active lifestyle they wanted. So they took action to learn more.

MVP received an overwhelming number of informational calls as a direct result of the marketing campaign – helping it to establish a solid foothold in the Medicare health plan marketplace.

Calls Exceeded Expectations
Attendance Surpassed Projections

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