OXY Acne Medication

The Best of a Bad Zituation

Skin care brands like to offer consumers images of fresh-faced teens with no signs of acne anywhere on their smiling faces. To help OXY® refresh its 30-year heritage with modern-day relevance, we brought the zits back.

Acne doesn’t just affect teens that suffer from it; it has a profound effect on anyone within earshot. That shared experience between teens, parents, and friends when breakouts occur is what we called a “Zituation.”


OXY doesn’t just heal and prevent acne. It helps you sleep at night and gets you out the door in the morning. It saves dates and rescues proms. It keeps reputations intact at school and keeps the peace at home.

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“Zituation” took the acne story beyond the blemish. It highlighted OXY’s deeper understanding of the real impact of acne. It expanded the consumer set beyond the teens and invited parents into the conversation.

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Choosing Oxy says that you’re choosing to take your life back. (Or your home, if you’re a parent.) It says you’re doing everything possible to KEEP THE ZituationS OUT OF everyday teen LIFE.

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