Reverse Mortgage Funding

Launching a Brand. Leading the Way.

Imagine launching a brand in an industry with a less-than-perfect reputation—and selling a misunderstood product to a misinformed and skeptical audience. Those were the challenges that RMF faced when they came to Martino Flynn.

Today's reverse mortgages offer real benefits for older adults—but only if the industry can change how people think about them.


The sobering truth is that many older Americans aren’t prepared to finance their retirement. The traditional sources of retirement income (pensions, Social Security, and savings) are no longer sufficient. But most have equity in their homes, which a reverse mortgage (also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, or HECM loan) can help them access.

Truth is, a HECM loan can help make the difference between a stressful retirement and a comfortable one.

Yet, negative headlines cause many to dismiss HECM loans. Changing those perceptions was the industry’s top priority; and with leadership that averages 20 years of experience, RMF was well-positioned to lead the way. Our insights helped them transform reverse mortgages from a last resort into a financial planning tool with potentially life-changing benefits.

Being unprepared for the future affects people today. We knew that reverse mortgages could offer them more than a solution—They could give them hope.

To rebuild consumer trust, we brought RMF and its agents into the retirement conversation sooner as partners, rather than salespeople. We reassured older adults that they’d get the respect they deserve, the innovative products to meet their needs, and a company that’s with them for the long term. Offering people a strategy for the future helped RMF make a real difference in the present.

Top 10 Reverse Mortgage Lender

Since its inception in 2013, RMF has grown into a top-10 lender in the reverse mortgage industry.

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