Rohto Eye Drops

Giving new life to a challenger brand.

Faced with limited distribution, a lack of brand awareness, and competitors with deep pockets, Rohto® Eye Drops looked to Martino Flynn for help. We knew they’d need an eye-catching campaign. However, based on our experience helping other brands chase down category leaders, we also recognized that we first needed to take a step back.

Rohto Eye Drops

Consumer insight is even more vital for challenger brands.

We started with a deep dive into the profiles of eye drop users, using a host of resources such as MRI data and Mintel to better understand their attitudes and behaviors. That research led to insights regarding a demo to target, and to a concept based on a hot pop culture property: Millennial males love zombies. But not zombie eyes.

Rohto Zombie Eyes

While we had a high level of confidence in our concept and messaging, we wanted to make sure that it would resonate with our chosen target audience. That led to the testing of an animatic of our proposed TV spot — and the confirmation that Millennials found our messaging relatable and likely to increase their intent to purchase.

We knew that authenticity would be key.

When it came time to execute, we knew that authenticity would be key. That’s why we went straight to the people who know the undead best and hired makeup artists from TV’s #1 zombie show.

Scarily good results.

It quickly became clear that the campaign was helping Rohto sales come alive, with big gains at Rohto’s top retail customers while the TV and digital campaign was running.

29% Sales Increase

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