Softlips Cube

Helping reinvigorate a brand and launch a reinvented lip balm.

Once America’s most popular lip balm, The Mentholatum Company’s Softlips® brand was at risk of being discontinued after years of declining sales. To help combat this slide, they developed an innovative new product for the “cosmetic balm” market segment targeted at Millennials: Softlips Cube. Given the fashion-and-trend-oriented nature of that target audience, Martino Flynn knew that while communicating features and benefits was important, it wouldn’t be enough for an effective launch.

It’s all about looking good.

We made sure that Softlips Cube’s unique design was the star in an eye-catching digital campaign featuring web banner ads running across Millennial-targeted ad networks, as well as a high-energy animated video—all created in-house.


We tapped into social media’s influence—and influencers.

While Softlips had a Facebook following of more than one million, few remained engaged with the brand. Martino Flynn reinvigorated Softlips’ Facebook presence, building the kind of engagement that makes social media so powerful. We helped grow the brand's Instagram followers from zero to more than 32,000. And we worked with “product discovery platform” Influenster to get Softlips Cubes in the hands of key influencers to build brand buzz, which led to millions upon millions of impressions, several nationally trending Twitter hashtags, and the Cube being named an Influenster Best Product of the Year.

Putting a face on the brand.

To help drive sales during the key back-to-school selling season, we hitched our marketing wagon to rising country music star Kelsea Ballerini. Kelsea sang the praises of Softlips Cube across social media, and Martino Flynn was there to amp up the campaign with giveaways, videos, and more.

All in all, marketing Softlips Cube was a huge effort. And it got big results, with a big jump in sales for the Cube during the key back-to-school selling season and significant year-over-year sales gains for the entire Softlips brand.


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