Sucrets Ice Sore Throat Pops

Getting National Exposure on a Regional Budget

Sucrets® ICE needed wide exposure to support its unique sore throat remedy for kids. We thought, what better way to get it than cross-promote with a hot entertainment property? We suggested that Sucrets Ice partner with FOX Entertainment on the launch of the DVD Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Sucrets Ice

We knew it would take more than just radio.

The client asked us to look at a media strategy focused on radio — but to reach 200+ media markets, we knew it would take more. The brand was no longer a household name, especially among younger moms, and we needed to educate consumers about the product’s new, ice-pop delivery system.

We recommended TV over radio to build awareness and visually demonstrate the unique delivery system. We developed an efficient schedule with increased reach and frequency by using a DRTV buying strategy and timed the media schedule to take advantage of the Ice Age 3 DVD media campaign.

A national “Save the Polar Ice Caps” challenge that tied in to a specially developed school curriculum helped create excitement.

We used FSIs, rich-media banner ads, and paid search to support the product and contest.

Cross-promoting with the Ice Age DVD release added invaluable impact to the campaign.


“The campaign achieved exactly what we’d hoped—broadening awareness and advertising capacity through an innovative partnership with FOX Entertainment, which was a wonderful association for our brand.”

— Linda Naugler VP, Sales and Marketing, Insight Pharmaceuticals

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