Getting edgy to change brand perception.

After purchasing a brand that had languished for years, Top Flite's new owners wanted to shake things up and go after the "grip it and rip it" crowd: casual golfers who love nothing better than outdriving their buddies. The client knew that traditional golf advertising wouldn't resonate with these less-than-traditional golfers, which is why their briefing included the charge to "scare us." That freedom allowed us to get a little irreverent, starting with a positioning that captured the spirit of Top Flite's desired target audience.

The Balls to Go For It

Based on that new positioning, we created executions designed to grab our target market by their eyeballs—on televisions, in magazines, and in-store.



When the TV spots debuted, they were a bit polarizing. But that was by design. We knew that to make an impact with our target market, we'd potentially be stepping over the line with others. In the end, the results were virtually unanimous: social media analysis found that the viewers most important to us gave the spots a resounding thumbs up.

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