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Relieving Customers’ Headaches

Today’s healthcare challenges are beyond daunting: Do more with less money. Keep patients safe in the face of staffing shortfalls. And comply with regulatory standards that seem to get more stringent by the day. It’s enough to make an administrator sick. But Welch Allyn’s revolutionary CONNEX® EVD System can help relieve many of these headaches.

We researched to uncover and understand their most troublesome "pain points"—then built an integrated campaign to show how this advanced system for documenting vitals could cure them.

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We raised awareness among C-suite administrators, nurse managers, and IT managers with collateral and targeted ads in trade pubs—delivering hard numbers that show how inaccurate vitals data can seriously compromise cost efficiency and patient safety.

To bring the story to life, we created a multi-use video for Web, trade shows, and sales meetings—as well as a slide presentation for one-on-one sales calls.

Our messaging is on-target and has been well-received. The really exciting news is that the sales team is actively promoting the system.
Welch Allyn Global Category Director

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For the sales force, this product represented a seismic shift from selling products to selling solutions. We created a dedicated CONNEX EVD System microsite and library of collateral materials to support the sales team and help it execute on this new strategy.

50% reduced cost per call

First-quarter sales of the Connex EVD System significantly exceeded its forecast—and administrators are feeling better already.

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