Answering the Call to Help Build Brand Awareness

After bringing together eight companies acquired over seven years, Windstream had become one of America’s largest telecom companies. As a brand, however, it had minimal identity, low awareness, and limited recall. Windstream engaged Martino Flynn to help tell its story and bring its "smart solutions, personalized service" message to life.

Our relationship has grown tremendously. So have the results.

Working closely with Windstream’s internal team, we’ve developed comprehensive campaigns around Windstream’s key objectives: building brand, driving news through traditional and social media, increasing Share of Voice (SOV), and bolstering relationships with industry analysts. The results from 2014 to 2015 speak for themselves.

Media Coverage

14,563 earned media hits to 50,440 earned media hits

Brand Impressions

324.4M Impressions to 674.4M Impressions

Industry SOV

17.07% SOV to 42% SOV

We’re making connections online and in person.

To amplify Windstream’s voice in the IT and telecom community, we’ve used social media to share high-value content; actively listen; and interact with influencers, analysts, and customers—all using a data-driven approach and advanced analytics to track effectiveness and make real-time adjustments.

360° Event Support

Working with Windstream’s event marketing team, we’ve provided pre-, mid-, and post-event support at more than a dozen trade shows and conferences throughout the year. This "360 degree" support has garnered huge earned media coverage in just a single year.

2013-2015 Data

PR is just one part of the story. And our agency.

PR often taps into the wide range of creative talent and skills that only a full-service agency such as Martino Flynn has to offer. And whether it’s high-impact videos or eye-catching marketing collateral, just like our PR efforts, it’s all designed to position Windstream not only as America’s premier enterprise communications provider, but ultimately where it wants to be: potential customers’ top of mind.

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