Demos with a Difference

Equipment demo videos are typically nothing more than animated user manuals: engineers droning on and on, or screen shots ad infinitum. We had a different idea. To help Xerox demo its new ConnectKey® printers—and get customers and the sales force excited about them—we delivered the information with a story and a smile.

Pseudo-documentary style videos to show how Xerox makes people's lives easier.

Five stories, actually—each focusing on a single, differentiating benefit. We created a fictitious office with characters and situations everyone can relate to. Then we delivered the message in a lighthearted, pseudo-documentary style to show how ConnectKey makes people’s lives easier in a way that holds your attention.

Story 1:

“New guy” saves the day because he can get tech support right at the printer.

Story 2:

ConnectKey helps a whole cast of characters work in their own, um, unique way.

Story 3:

Security features help protect the office from the “curious Kellys” of the world.

Story 4:

Being able to print remotely turns ordinary employees into office heroes.

Story 5:

“IT guy” sets rules to automatically save money—and sometimes, mess with Bob.

The series has attracted tens of thousands of YouTube hits, and has been enthusiastically received by customers and salespeople alike. Which, for a demo video, is also pretty unique.

“I was able to demo these myself at a Canada kickoff event, and we have used them many times at the Gil Hatch Customer Center for internal training events. Each time, they generate the right reaction and laughter, as well as an appreciation for the simple, yet powerful message they convey.”

— Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Global Marketing Manager, Office Products, Solutions & Competitive Marketing Office & Solutions Business Group, Channel Partner Operations

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